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Norameda is one of the fastest developing pharmaceutical companies in the Baltic countries. In 2021, the turnover reached 25.75 million EUR – as much as 12 percent growth compared to 2020.


The Norameda team consists of 49 employees, most of whom, 34 (69.4%), work in Lithuania. There are 7 people in the Latvian branch, six in Estonia, and two employees in Poland.

Partnership Agreements

Norameda currently cooperates with 42 partners from different countries of the world.


Norameda offers more than 300 products and their different forms, the largest part of which is prescription (39.7%) and hospital (32.1%) medicines. Non-prescription drugs account for 20.9% of the range, while medical products and specialty drugs account for 5% and 2.3%, respectively.

Sales by therapeutic areas

Almost half of sales, calculated by therapeutic areas, are made up of respiratory drugs. Musculoskeletal and oncology drugs generate roughly equal parts of the sales pie and together account for about a quarter of Norameda’s total sales. The rest of the quarter is made up of other products.