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Norameda is a dynamic and constantly growing company. Our success is based on effective marketing of medicines, bold and flexible solutions and loyalty to our partners.

Norameda supplies specialised medicines, medical devices and non-prescription products. Our product range includes products from various treatment areas of Norameda and its partners, as well as licensed medicines and medical devices from well-known and respected pharmaceutical companies. We work closely with health professionals and scientists to ensure the highest quality products are delivered.

Our activities include the certification and launching of production series (we have a Good Manufacturing Practice Certificate – GMP), wholesale distribution (we have a Good Distribution Practice Certificate – GDP), distribution of food supplements and medical devices, organisation of medicine marketing and sales, pharmacological vigilance in the implementation of medicines, and other processes which are necessary to ensure the safe and high-quality maintenance of medicines.

In 2015, we implemented a project titled “Study of neuroprotective effects of new therapeutic agents on the retinal photoreceptor cells of the eye” that was completed inside the Norameda company.Read more.

We aim to become the most professional pharmaceutical company in the Baltic States and to provide effective medicines and health solutions.