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resultsWe are convinced that each of us is worthy of good health; therefore, we supply only the best quality specialised prescription drugs and non-prescription products to the market.

We are a modern, fast growing international company seeking to become the most professional pharmaceutical company in the Baltic States, and aiming to deliver effective medicines and advanced health solutions. Through stubborn, constant methodological work and setting the highest quality standards, we are moving in the right direction.

In 2017, Norameda’s revenue exceeded 17 million EUR. In the same year, we entered the Top 30 of the strongest pharmaceutical companies in the Baltic States. Our business area covers 9 countries with a total pharmaceutical market value of 13,934,501 EUR. It is growing by an average of 3.72 percent annually. Our company’s annual growth rate is over 20 percent. This rapid growth of the company allows us to strengthen our position in the target markets of all countries. The fact that we have achieved these great results has been determined by a number of factors, including our experience, market knowledge, the development of our team and our world-renowned partners, and our ongoing search for innovations.

However, the biggest achievement is our team of colleagues and partners. We are currently working with 32 partners from 15 countries around the world, and we are the only ones who represent these companies in the Baltic States. We have been cooperating with some of our partners for 17 years.

This connection, of course, is determined by our loyal and professional staff. We can only be pleased that the vast majority of our staff have worked in the company for a decade; and this is, of course, is one of the key reasons for our success.