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teamWe believe that the most effective way to achieve our ambitious goals is to bring together professionals in a unified team. We believe that the success achieved by joint efforts is greater than any individual results.

We firmly believe that our employees are one of the company’s most important assets; therefore, inside the company the professional growth of our colleagues is constantly promoted, and efforts are made to create a positive working environment where employee involvement is strengthened.

Currently, there are 43 employees in Norameda, with 31 of them (72.09%) working in Lithuanian, 7 (16.28%) in Latvia and 5 (11.63%) in our Estonian branches. These are people who work with enthusiasm and interest in their activities, aiming to develop an advanced pharmaceutical company, and ready to exchange the knowledge from experts in other areas of the company, who are not afraid to work hard to deliver only top-quality specialised medicines, medical products and non-prescription products to the market.

We are open to experts in their field who want to work at Norameda, who have the same values as our company, who are characterised by entrepreneurial thinking and are able to work individually when needed, and who also feel motivated to pursue ambitious goals while working together.