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25 years of experience has helped us to become one of the leaders in Lithuania and the other Baltic countries. We know our strengths and we use our accumulated knowledge, and this helps us to move forward. Intelligence in finding innovative and demanding products, as well as knowledge of the pharmaceutical market, are our core capabilities. We are a leader because we provide effective pharmaceutical marketing services based on bold and flexible solutions and loyalty to our partners.

The modern Lithuanian pharmaceutical market is characterised by a high degree of competitiveness, strict European quality standards and increasing price regulations. But we accept these as challenges and opportunities to grow.

A significant change involved the drug monitoring system that was introduced a decade ago. We now monitor and report on the possible side effects of medicines. Soon, we will face another challenge – we will implement special accounting programmes and prepare for the Falsified Medicines Directive that will come into force in 2019. According to the Directive, each package of medicine will have special markings. When it is scanned with a special scanner, data on the purchase and sale of the medicine will go to a centralised database. In this way, the European market will be completely protected from possible counterfeit medicines.

In addition, to ensure that we only deliver high quality products to the market, that we are developing hand-in-hand with the technological revolution, and that our business decisions are closely related to the evolving medical field, we work closely with health professionals and scientists.

In 2015, we implemented a project titled “Study of neuroprotective effects of new therapeutic agents on the retinal photoreceptor cells of the eye” that was completed inside the Norameda company. This successful study opened up opportunities for us to develop a new technology for testing and evaluating newly developed products for the treatment of visual disorders. At the same time, it enabled the development of innovative products and the development of the company.