Norameda signs the agreement with Biotest, Germany

Norameda signs the agreement with Biotest, Germany

Norameda is proud to announce signing the agreement with Biotest. As per the agreement, Norameda is granted the distribution right to sell, market and distribute Biotest’s pharmaceutical products in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

“We are happy to partner with such a proven company. Though we are stepping into a new therapeutical area, we are confident. We both pursue the same values: quality and safety, dedication and focus on the patient” – commented Norameda General Manager Audrius Leiva.

Biotest is a German stock corporation specialized in innovative haematology and immunology products. Biotest develops, manufactures and distributes worldwide plasma-derived products for the treatment of blood and immune diseases. Biotest’s products are used in the treatment of life-threatening diseases such as coagulation disorders (haemophilia), severe infections or disorders of the immune system.

“Biotest’s products entering the Baltic market is good news for all. From now on, patients with serious and often chronic diseases will be able to get targeted treatment, which generally enables them to lead almost normal lives”- added Norameda General Manager Audrius Leiva.

Norameda is a leading pharmaceutical company operating in B2B/B2C sectors – delivering safe and high-quality medicine to the EU market.

The company provides a wide range of services: certification and launching of production series; wholesale distribution; marketing and sales; pharmacological vigilance, and any other necessary operations to ensure delivery of safe and high-quality medicaments.

Norameda is also known as a drug manufacturer and retailer with ownership of Smarty Pharmacy e-drugstores based in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Poland.

Norameda operates in 9 countries with a total pharmaceutical market value of 13,934,501 EUR and deals with around 300 different brands. To this day, 32 companies from 17 countries partner with Norameda.