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reliabilityOur professional employees ensure the highest level of reliable cooperation for our partners and clients. We can also guarantee the complete safety of our products. We act responsibly, protect all confidential information, keep our promises, and make sure that the work we carry out exceeds your expectations.

We work in accordance with the highest standards of distribution and production, as is evidenced by the licences and certificates that have been granted to us.

We work under a wholesale distribution licence, which is issued only after verifying that the distributor of pharmaceutical products has suitable premises and equipment, and adheres to the requirements for the quality system, employees, document management, ongoing operations, complaints, suspected counterfeits, return and cancellation management, contractual activities and internal audits.

We have also received a Good Distribution Practice Certificate, which ensures that the quality of the medicines we distribute is maintained at all stages of its production, from the manufacturing to the point of sale.

The Certificate of Good Manufacturing Practice granted to us ensures that the manufacturing and importing of pharmaceutical products from third countries is controlled according to the applicable quality standards, so that the manufactured pharmaceutical product is fit for its purpose, as well as meeting the requirements of the marketing authorisation and the specifications.

We have received a Food Handling Entity Approval Certificate from the State Food and Veterinary Service, which gives us the right to perform food handling activities, including distribution. The document is issued only if all the requirements of hygiene and the other legislation applicable to this activity are met.

We have created a certified and secured supply chain so that we always know where the products travelling to our customers are, and we can assure that they will arrive in the right condition and at the right time.