Special Care Medicine Department: “Every single life matter”

“Sales are important but no more than people we work for or with. And I am confident, this is the main factor of our success”, – says Sandra Ivanauskiene, founder and leader of the Norameda Special Care Medicine Department since 2017.

This unique Norameda’s division is dealing with specific diseases, some of which are extremely rare. For example, Alpha-mannosidosis – only 3 patients have been diagnosed in Lithuania.

Alpha-mannosidosis is a rare genetic condition characterized by an inability to properly break down certain groups of complex sugars in the body’s cells. The accumulation of sugars affects many of the body’s organs and systems, including the central nervous system.

The Norameda Special Care Medicine Department, in cooperation with the Center for Coordination of Rare Diseases at Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Klinikos, managed to secure the treatment of Alpha-mannosidosis.

And the most amazing part – all three patients are getting treatment paid by the State.

“As soon as the medicine is registered and delivered to the warehouse – this is when our work starts. And it is so diverse! – tells S. Ivanauskiene. – At the same time, you might be negotiating with National Health Insurance Fund clerks, discussing the benefits of the medicine with doctors, and replying to the letter of sick child parents regarding the transportation to the hospital.”

The Norameda Special Care Medicine Department is actively working with 3 main areas: rare diseases, neurology and neonatology.

“We provide medicines for preterm infants suffering from respiratory distress or apnea and at the same time introducing a new generation medicine for those with Parkinson. So every day is different, exciting and, most importantly, very fulfilling”, – says S. Ivanauskiene.

S. Ivanauskiene is known as the pioneer of special care medicine in Lithuania. Advocacy for patients’ lives she considers as her main purpose. She says that each patient treated – is a driving force that gives the meaning of everything their division works for so hard.

“Still, no matter how we care for our patients, ethics are at the top of our agenda. We have to be persistent as well as very patient and delicate in our actions”, – says S. Ivanauskiene.

By finishing up the conversation, the leader of the Norameda Special Care Medicine Department resumes: “every live matter, so each patient has to receive proper treatment, each doctor has to be engaged, motivated and informed. And if Norameda gets to be an accelerator, so let it be”.

“Also, we have to give a credit to the Lithuanian health system – it is among the best and most advanced in Europe. Just imagine getting a state-funded treatment only for 3 people out of 3 mln! Or paying for top-notch medicine for those with Parkinson.”